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The world of aesthetic treatments is vast and ever-evolving. With innovations galore, it can be challenging to keep up with the best and the latest. This is where Allē brands come in. Allē is the company behind aesthetic treatments like Botox, CoolSculpting, and Juvederm Filler to name a few. You’ve probably heard of these brands and maybe even considered trying one of them but are wondering if there are any Allē providers in NJ. 

The answer is “YES”.

As one of the premier Allē providers in NJ, Vive Aesthetics and Wellness prides itself on offering a plethora of services to rejuvenate and revitalize. Our team of experts is well-versed in a range of Allē treatments, ensuring optimal results each time. Let’s take a look at some of the Allē treatments we offer. 

Diving into the Allē Portfolio

With such an extensive portfolio, Allē ensures that every aesthetic need is addressed, and with the expertise of Vive Aesthetics and Wellness, you can be assured of superior care and results.

Botox: Perhaps the most famous name in the world of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, Botox cosmetic treatments are primarily used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Botox works by administering small injections. These FDA-approved injections temporarily relax facial muscles, leading to diminished wrinkles and a revitalized, youthful appearance. Regular treatments ensure lasting smoothness, making it a favorite for many seeking age-defying solutions.

Juvederm: A hyaluronic acid-based filler, Juvederm is perfect for those looking to add volume to their face. Whether it’s plumping lips or smoothing out facial lines, this FDA-approved filler offers rapid results with minimal downtime. Juvederm dermal filler has a gel-like consistency that provides natural-looking results, granting users a refreshed and youthful glow.

Kybella: Say goodbye to that double chin! Kybella is a game-changer. This FDA-approved injectable specializes in breaking down fat cells beneath the chin. Over a series of treatments, users witness a noticeable reduction in fullness, leading to a contoured and refined jawline.

CoolSculpting Elite: Breaking barriers in non-invasive fat reduction, CoolSculpting Elite offers a unique approach. This FDA-approved treatment employs cryolipolysis technology to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells. Once crystallized, the body naturally expels these cells, paving the way for a toned and sculpted physique. CoolSculpting Elite treatments are an ideal solution for areas that resist diet and exercise.

Latisse: Dreaming of longer, lusher lashes? Latisse is a prescription treatment that enhances lash growth, ensuring a more dramatic and beautiful gaze. As an FDA-approved solution, it works wonders in amplifying the length, volume, and darkness of lashes. With consistent application, users can expect a transformation, flaunting dramatically enhanced eyelashes.

SkinMedica: A line of scientifically formulated skin care products designed to make a real difference to your skin. 

Want to Save on Allē Treatments?

Allē offers a customer loyalty program for clients using their aesthetic treatments and products. 

Every time you opt for one of these treatments at Vive Aesthetics and Wellness, you earn Allē points. The best part is that these points accumulate, allowing you to redeem them for savings on subsequent treatments. It’s a reward system that appreciates your commitment to self-care and beauty. Over time, these points can significantly reduce the cost of your favorite procedures, making aesthetic treatments both enticing and economical.


Searching for Allē Providers in NJ?

The partnership between Vive Aesthetics and Wellness and Allē Brands epitomizes the perfect blend of quality treatments and rewarding experiences. The journey to a more youthful and vibrant you is just an appointment away.

Enjoy the treatments and products you love – and get rewarded whenever you do!

You deserve to be rewarded, no matter your routine. That’s why Allē gives you points on a variety of brands, products, and treatments at your Allē provider — even those that are not Allē brands.Alle Providers in NJ

Earn points on Allē Brands (Botox/Juvederm/CoolSculpting/Kybella/SkinMedica), as well as a variety of other in-office products and treatments like HydraFacials, laser hair removal, and more. When you’re ready to use your points, just let the team at Vive know you’re an Allē Member and they’ll redeem them from your Allē Wallet. Every 100 points earns you $10 in savings toward a future Allē product or treatment.

Stop searching for Allē providers in NJ! Schedule a consultation at Vive and let us help you choose the perfect aesthetic treatments to achieve your desired results.

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