Weight Loss – Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

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You know what they say about best-laid plans – they often go awry. This is typically true of our efforts to stick to a weight loss plan during the holidays. Then January rolls around and we find ourselves with a few extra pounds, a bit of regret and a brand new weight loss resolution.

Getting your weight loss plan back on track after the holidays may not be as hard as you think. You’ve already developed good habits, by following your plan before the holidays. Now you just have to leave the holiday transgressions behind and focus on the healthy routine that will keep you moving toward your ultimate goal. Here are some tips to get you back on track.

Lose the Guilt

What’s done is done. You slipped up. Beating yourself up over it won’t help move you forward. It’s time to forgive yourself, skip the guilt and make a fresh start. Not only will a self-imposed guilt trip hold you back, it could also lead to more unhealthy eating.

Clean House

It’s time to get rid of all the holiday leftovers. The candy, the cookies, and any other unhealthy temptation. If you are having an issue with throwing away perfectly good food, either give it away or throw it away. Better it ends up in the garbage than on your hips or around your waist.

Cut Out the Cocktails

Eggnog, champagne, and hot toddies – cocktails are part of holiday indulgence. Unfortunately, they are loaded with calories and a large part of the post celebration bloat. You will probably find you can easily drop a pound or two just by giving up the cocktails.

Reevaluate Your Goals

Overindulging during the holidays can push your original weight loss goal a little further out of reach. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by a goal you can’t achieve and give up. Make a new, attainable goal. Successfully reaching this new goal will motivate you to work toward the next one. Setting smaller, more realistic goals will help you reach your ultimate goal one step at a time.  

Get Back on Track

There are just a couple more things you need to do to get back on track after the holidays. Reward yourself with the healthy, calorie-conscious meal you like the most from your weight loss plan. Also, get your exercise routine back in the groove. Put on some great music, turn up the volume and tackle your favorite work out. Start the New Year with a clean slate and skip the guilt-ridden resolution.

Need a Little Help? Consider Supervised Weight Loss

If you’re dealing with more than just those few holiday pounds and continue to struggle with weight loss issues, it might be time to consult with a professional weight loss doctor. At Vive Medical Weight Loss, your journey begins with your consultation. Dr. Pinto’s philosophy is to give you the jumpstart you need to achieve and then maintain a healthy weight.

Vive is proud partners with THE CENTER FOR MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS, the largest network of physicians specializing in weight loss in the country. Using evidence-based weight loss programs, your success is inevitable. Ready to get started on your medical weight loss program? Schedule your consultation today!


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