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Keeping your weight loss program on track can be a challenge under normal circumstances. With the current stay-at-home orders and the concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it can feel almost impossible. Boredom and stress can creep in and cause you to snack or reach for your favorite comfort foods more often and let’s be honest – most comfort foods probably aren’t part of your weight loss program. Social distancing may also be limiting your ability to get enough exercise and of course, it will keep you from your regular visits with your medical weight loss professional. At Vive, we understand professional guidance and support play an important part in successful weight loss and are now offering virtual weight loss visits to help you keep your weight loss on the right track.

What You Need to Know

While virtual visits are a relatively new concept in the medical profession, the current pandemic has exhibited just how valuable they can be for various medical applications. We have recognized their value and to better serve our patients, we are adding virtual weight loss visits to our services.

The visits will be available to both new and existing patients and can be done over the phone or by video conference. In addition to the consultation, these virtual visits will also provide you with the ability to get a medication prescription if necessary. Here is an overview of our virtual weight loss services.

  • New patient weight loss visits are $190 and include a 30-minute virtual visit with Dr. Pinto and a 30-day script for a weight loss medication if required.
  • Follow up weight loss visits are $90 and include a 15-minute virtual visit with Dr. Pinto and a 30-day script for a weight loss medication if required.
  • Curbside pickup of meal replacements, Capsiate, and vitamin injections that you can do at home will be available. Meal replacements are only available for new and existing patients. 
  • Capsiate and vitamin injections that you can do at home will also be offered for curbside pickup. These are available to both patients and non-patients.
  •  Appointments for curbside pickups are offered Monday through Friday. 

Virtual weight loss visits will continue to be available once the pandemic is over. With our normally busy lifestyles making trips to our office difficult at times, we believe that they will be beneficial in helping our patients stick with their weight loss programs and achieve their desired success. As we move forward with these virtual visits, we will also have wireless scales available to sync with our patient portal so we can record their weights in their chart. These scales are Bluetooth, display both body fat and total weight and will be $100 per scale. 

Virtual Weight Loss Visits at Vive

If you’ve missed regularly scheduled office visits during this pandemic or don’t want to wait until it’s over to get started on your weight loss journey, virtual weight loss visits may be the perfect solution. Vive Aesthetics and Wellness is proud and excited to add these virtual visits to our weight loss services. They allow us to keep you focused during this difficult time when it is easy to lose control of your diet. Contact us today or fill out our virtual appointment request form to schedule your virtual visit or curbside pickup.





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