US News Ranks the Best Diets for 2015

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istockmediterraneandiet-300x225US News ranks the best diets of 2015. In my opinion they left one out (our diet program) but we know that we are a little fish in a big pond. They do, however, recommend the HRM diet for weight loss, which is a meal replacement plan. The Center for Medical Weight Loss diet offered here at Vive has several diet options based on meal replacements, all of which can be very effective if applied to the right patient. Part of our consultation includes making a determination of which program will be most successful for you.

Our meal replacement plan is very similar to HRM with some distinct differences. The biggest difference is our meal replacement plan is medically supervised. We review labs, perform and ECG, a body composition, and  measure your resting metabolism. You also will have a physical examination by either myself or our nurse practitioner, checking for any medical issues that could be causing your weight gain or hindering your weight loss. We also feature superior meal replacements that not only taste better but have higher quality protein than HRM. Lastly, we have other methods to help you lose weight safely, such as medication to decrease your appetite or increase satiety. We have natural supplements to aid in increasing your metabolism. We also can help you plan your exercise regimen to maximize your weight loss.

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