How to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Weight Loss Journey

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Staying motivated while trying to lose weight can be tough. Your weight loss goal could be ten pounds or a hundred. Either way, the journey can seem endless and, at times, the urge to give up can be strong. The success of any weight loss plan ultimately depends on one single factor – whether or not you stick to it and that requires staying motivated. This can be a challenge but there are ways to maintain and even boost your motivation to make your weight loss goal a reality.

Set Attainable Goals

Every weight loss journey has an ultimate goal, but that shouldn’t be your initial target. Even if that goal is just ten pounds, it can be demotivating to try and tackle it all at once. Be realistic and set smaller goals will be easier to reach. Each goal you reach will encourage you to strive for the next one. By simply focusing on the end goal, you’re in it for the long haul with very little to motivate you along the way. Celebrating small victories throughout your journey will help to keep you motivated.

Track Your Progress

You can make a spreadsheet on your computer, keep a written journal or document your journey with photos but it’s important to keep track of your progress. Of course, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a photo journal of your progress can be a great source of motivation. In moments of doubt, the ability to look back and see how far you’ve come can reignite your motivation. You can also keep track of your weight, measurements or BMI (body mass index). By keeping an eye on the numbers, you can see the peaks and valleys in your progress. These can help you make adjustments to your weight loss program. Most importantly, choose the weight loss tracking method that works best for you.

Don’t Make the Scale Your Enemy

Watching the numbers on the scale go down is exciting but you should limit your weigh-ins. Once a week is a good rule of thumb. Getting on the scale every day can actually be demotivating. Even with diet and exercise, the numbers can fluctuate slightly from day to day. How much water you drank or how much sodium you consume can all have an impact on the scale. Also, exercise increases muscle. While muscle is denser and takes up less volume than fat, it weighs more. Gauge your progress other ways like how your clothes fit or if you’re doing a photo journal, you will be able to see the difference.

Choose Exercise You Enjoy

It’s always easier to stick with something you like doing. Choose a form of exercise you can enjoy and maybe even look forward to. If you like to go dancing, try a Zumba class. Not thrilled about exercising in a crowd? Schedule a daily walk with a work out buddy or check online exercise programs you can do at home on your own. Doing an excise you like will help you stay motivated and keep you on the path to your next goal.

Prepare for Temptation

It’s going to happen, you will be tempted. Many of us have a friend or two that don’t have to worry about their weight and can eat anything they want. They will often “grant you permission” to cheat by saying “go ahead, one time won’t hurt.” This can make food-centric social gatherings difficult. Eat a healthy snack before going out and drink plenty of water. This will curb your appetite and make it easier to resist temptation. If you should slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Nobody’s perfect. Forgive yourself and get back on track.

Reward Each Success

As you reach each goal on your weight loss journey, it important to reward yourself. Of course, these rewards shouldn’t be food related. If you’ve dropped a size, buy a new outfit. People often wait until they have gone down multiple sizes, thinking there’s no point in buying new clothes if they’re going to continue to lose weight. Constantly wearing clothes that are too big and baggy can make you feel unattractive and be demotivating. A new outfit can be a great way to show off your progress. If you’ve really been pushing your workout and your muscles are a little sore, treat yourself to a message. Choose a reward that will keep you motivated to reach your next goal.

Need Some Help? Consider Medically Supervised Weight Loss

If your weight has gotten seriously out of control and all your weight loss attempts have been derailed, don’t give up. Permanent lifestyle changes are key to successful long-term weight loss. As with any change, the first step is the hardest part. At Vive Medical Weight Loss, that first step starts at your consultation. Dr. Pinto’s philosophy is to give you the jumpstart you need to achieve and then maintain a healthy weight.

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