Men’s Health Month: Medical Aesthetics Aren’t Just for Women

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Who says that men don’t want to be pampered and feel great about their bodies too? Sure, the guys in our lives tend to prefer action movies over manicures. That doesn’t mean they don’t need the occasional confidence boost. The benefits of medical aesthetics treatment apply to everyone regardless of their gender. But since it’s Men’s Health Month, here are some great body transforming aesthetics treatments men can enjoy as beach weather takes over at the shore.


Men can find plenty of ways to lose weight naturally. However, those last few pounds can be fairly troublesome. Stubborn patches of fat often require a little extra attention. Luckily, there’s a pretty cool way to eliminate that muffin top altogether, and it doesn’t require a single push-up.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical medical aesthetics treatment that uses specialized cooling technology to get rid of that last little bit of excess fat. Backs, bellies and under the butt are some of the areas commonly plagued by stubborn fat. Using special applicators, CoolSculpting targets and freezes fat cells, causing them to die and get naturally eliminated by the body. Men will leave a CoolSculpting session looking and feeling better than ever, without having to touch one piece of exercise equipment!


Men also want to give off confidence and feel better about their bodies. Once they reach their goal weight, they’re going to want to show off the results of their hard work. But after cutting all of that excess fat their bodies shouldn’t be left looking flat. It’s a good thing EMSculpt is an easy way to fix that!

EMSculpt is a non-invasive medical aesthetics treatment that helps make abs firmer and stronger. It breaks down fat cells surrounding abdominal muscles by using pain-free electromagnetic treatments to induce muscle contractions. Not only does this make the muscles look better, but it also improves their overall function. It’s like getting in a massive workout without breaking a sweat. It can even be used to firm up your buttocks, leaving every man’s gluteus maximus looking good along with those new washboard abs!


Your man has now frozen away those unwanted fat cells and has abs that look like they’re ready to burst! He is on his way to the perfect version of himself. There’s just one last thing: that ridiculous name tattoo that he got while he was still in college. Who knew the love connection with the girl from that frat party wouldn’t last forever? Thankfully, PicoSure will make it so that he isn’t “heart”-ing anyone anymore, except you.

PicoSure is a laser tattoo removal procedure that targets and destroys the ink in tattoos. Those ink particles are then naturally eliminated from the body. According to many patients, laser tattoo removal is no more painful than getting that regretful tattoo in the first place. After a few treatments that tattoo will be barely visible. You could also get a PicoSure medical aesthetics treatment to get rid of unsightly skin discoloration!

Eliminate Dad Bod with Medical Aesthetics  at Vive

Men’s Health Month only comes around once a year. That doesn’t mean guys shouldn’t be feeling their absolute best all year round. The medical professionals at Vive Aesthetics and Wellness can help decide which medical aesthetics treatment works best for our visitors. Whether it’s time to tone up, erase that excess fat or get rid of ugly tattoos for good, Vive can help its visitors with those goals and more. Contact us to get the ball rolling toward your ideal beach boy body today!


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