A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan Can Be the Key to Success

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There are millions of Americans struggling with the battle against obesity and unfortunately, many of them are losing the fight.  When you’re dealing with excessive weight gain, it can be tough to do on your own. In addition to support and encouragement from family and friends, there are many weight loss plans and medications available to help you take on the weight loss challenge. But how do you choose the best option for you? Obesity is a very serious medical condition that brings with it a variety of health issues such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, cancers and sleep disorders. It is best to work with your physician or medical professional to create a medically supervised weight loss plan tailored to your specific needs.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Medically supervised weight loss begins with an overall assessment of your health. Your medical professional needs to have a complete understanding of your current medical condition before they can start putting together a customized weight loss plan. Because weight loss is about more than just diet and exercise, they will also take a look at your lifestyle. Changes to all these areas of your life need to be made gradually. Drastic increases in activity and crash diets can cause additional health issues and nutritional deficiencies. In working with a medical professional, together you can determine a pace for these changes that is best for your specific medical condition.

Weight Loss Medications

When dealing with obesity or extreme weight loss, some people may need a little more help than others. If your medical professional feels that diet and exercise aren’t enough, they may suggest supplementing your efforts with a weight loss medication. These are not those miracle weight loss supplements you see in magazines or on television. They are prescription medications that can only be prescribed by your medical professional and are to be taken as instructed.

Before taking any of these medications, it’s important to understand that they do not take the place of eating right and getting the proper amount of exercise. They are only meant to enhance these efforts and in most cases, are only taken for a short period of time. There are different types of weight loss medications. If weight loss medications are needed, your medical professional will determine which is the best option for you.

Underlying Issues

Sometimes excessive or uncontrollable weight gain may not be the result of improper diet or exercise. For those unable to control their weight while following a healthy lifestyle, it can be easy to become frustrated and give up. If you feel you fall into this category discuss it with your medical professional. An underlying health or medical issue could be the culprit.

Weight Loss Plan Benefits  

Whether excessive weight gain or obesity is caused by lifestyle or medical issues, a medically supervised weight loss plan can be instrumental in successfully reaching your weight loss goals.

Customized Plans

With a medically supervised weight loss program, your current lifestyle, activity level, weight and overall health are all taken into consideration to develop a plan specifically for you. Making realistic changes and setting achievable goals will help ensure your success. As you progress with your weight loss, your plan will be evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

Professional Guidance

A medically supervised weight loss plan eliminates the guesswork. It provides clear guidelines so you will be sure that you are eating properly and getting enough exercise. You will also get the necessary support should you slip up or face challenges during your weight loss journey.

Long-term Success  

Unlike the latest fad or newest crash diet, medically supervised weight loss is designed to create long-lasting results. A medical weight loss program will teach you life-changing skills that can help you maintain your weight once you reach your goal.

Think a medically supervised weight loss plan might be right for you? At Vive Aesthetics and Wellness, your journey will begin with your consultation. Dr. Pinto’s philosophy is to give you the jumpstart you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Vive is proud partners with THE CENTER FOR MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS, the largest network of physicians specializing in weight loss in the country. Using evidence-based weight loss programs, your success is inevitable. Ready to get started on your medical weight loss plan? Schedule your consultation today!


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