Medical Weight Loss – The Benefits of Following a Meal Plan

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Losing weight can be a challenge. The ideal solution for weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise. For those who have tried to lose weight on their own or want to lose weight but just don’t know where to begin, consulting a bariatric or family physician can be a good place to start. In addition to recommending a level of exercise appropriate for your physical condition, a medical professional will provide you with a meal plan to follow.

When beginning a medical weight loss journey many people wonder if a meal plan is really necessary. The answer is yes. If you only have a couple pounds to lose, you might get away with simply cutting back on what you eat. When it comes to a significant weight loss, following a meal plan is essential to success.

Benefits of a Meal Plan

Reduce Temptation

One of the biggest stumbling blocks when trying to lose weight is temptation. Following a meal plan can eliminate a lot of the temptation and keep you on track to your weight loss goals. You can avoid the last minute dilemma of what to have for dinner. Hunger can make you impatient and more willing to make unhealthy choices, especially when trying to lose weight.

With a meal plan, you know ahead of ahead of time what you’re going to eat for dinner. By eliminating the guesswork, you will also eliminate the temptation to just grab something to eat that’s quick, easy and unhealthy.

A More Balanced Diet

When given a choice of anything, many people automatically choose their favorite foods. Too much of a good thing can easily lead to an unbalanced diet. A meal plan provided by your medical professional will include a variety of foods. This will not only help you lose weight, it will ensure you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Save Time and Money

Many people think that eating healthy is too expensive. While creating a healthy meal might cost a little more, following a meal plan can actually save you money. Armed with the knowledge of exactly what you will be eating a week in advance can streamline food shopping and actually prevent you from wasting money.

You will only be purchasing what you need to complete your meal plan. You won’t be stocking the pantry with impulse items, nor will you be buying veggies with good intentions only to forget them in the fridge until it’s time to throw them away.

Following a meal plan can also keep you from making multiple trips to the grocery store, saving time as well as money. You will shop once a week and simply purchase what you need. There’s no running back to the store to pick up the missing ingredient for a last minute dinner decision. Some medical weight loss plans offer prepared pre-portioned meals, making food shopping even easier.

Reduce Stress

It can be overwhelming trying to calculate calories, evaluate the nutritional value of foods and make good choices. Having a medical professional provide you with a meal plan appropriate for your needs and physical condition can eliminate the stress of trying to figure it out on your own. Not stressing over which foods to eat will make it easier to stick to the plan and achieve your weight loss goals.

Produce Results

When following a meal plan, the best benefit of all is losing weight! Your meals will be nutritionally balanced, providing you with all the nutrition you need and eliminating a lot of extra calories. The journey to your weight loss goal will have a positive impact on your health, lifestyle, and self-esteem. If you have been struggling with losing weight, it might be time to consider a medical weight loss plan.

At Vive Medical Weight Loss, that first step starts at your consultation. Dr. Pinto’s philosophy is to give you the jumpstart you need to achieve and then maintain a healthy weight. Our comprehensive weight loss program is tailored to your individual needs and we offer a variety of meal plan options. Don’t wait any longer. Your health and well-being are too important. Schedule your consultation today.








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