Laser Tattoo Removal – Eliminate Your Unwanted Ink with PicoSure

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There are dozens of reasons to want a tattoo removed. Tastes change, people break up or, like Penny on the Big Bang Theory, they find out that the Chinese character they thought meant courage actually means soup. Whatever the reason is, many people are apprehensive about tattoo removal and decide to just live with the unwanted ink. This is understandable. In the past, tattoo removal procedures were extremely painful and typically failed to provide positive results.

The technology behind PicoSure laser tattoo removal makes it a highly effective procedure that involves significantly less pain than the procedures used prior to laser technology.  Laser tattoo removal originally became commercially available in the in the early 1990 and has evolved since then. While PicoSure tattoo removal isn’t painless, it is much more tolerable than the older methods, making it possible to finally get rid of that ink instead of being embarrassed by it or constantly trying to cover it up.

How PicoSure Works

PicoSure is FDA approved for tattoo removal and effective on multiple colors of tattoo inks, including blue, green and black. What sets PicoSure apart from traditional Q-switched lasers is it doesn’t rely on heat or burning to remove tattoos. PicoSure delivers short bursts of patented PressureWave technology to penetrate the tattoo colors and break down the ink into tiny particles similar to dust. These particles are eliminated naturally by your body’s immune system.

How Many Treatments are Necessary?

Compared with traditional Q-switched lasers, PicoSure tattoo removal typically requires fewer treatments and is more effective on even the most stubborn inks. Each tattoo is unique. The exact number treatments of will vary depending on various factors, including tattoo size, coloring, placement on the body, ink layering and lifestyle habits. A consultation with a PicoSure provider is necessary to determine how many treatments it will take to remove the unwanted tattoo. This will give you a personalized overview of how long the process will take.

How Long Between Treatments?

On average, you will need to wait 6-8 weeks between tattoo removal treatments. After each treatment, your skin will be more vulnerable to sunlight. It is recommended that you use at least an SPF30 sunscreen to protect the treated area.

Will There be Any Scarring?

Because PicoSure is designed with safety in mind, incidents of scarring are extremely rare. Some patients may experience hypopigmentation. This is a lightening of the skin in the treated area. This is almost always temporary, with skin return to its normal pigment once it has completely healed.

Is PicoSure Painful?

Having a tattoo removed with the PicoSure laser is not pain-free. Clients who have undergone the procedure, report that it feels similar to repeated having your skin snapped by a rubber band. Keep in mind that everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. Also, a topical anesthetic can be applied to reduce the pain and in some cases, the area to be treated can be numbed with an injection. If you are truly ready to get rid of your tattoo, any pain associated with the procedure will be well worth it.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal at Vive

Vive Aesthetics and Wellness is a proud provider of state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal using PicoSure. The PicoSure laser also a great option for facial rejuvenation. It can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and acne scars. If you’re ready for a fresh new look or have an unwanted tattoo that you’re ready to be rid of, stop waiting! Call today for a consultation and let Dr. Pinto and his highly qualified staff help you decide if PicoSure laser tattoo removal or facial rejuvenation is right for you.


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