Jeanine G., 33 yr old female

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Lost 65 pounds in 8 months

I liked that I was still able to eat real food. It made me be more aware of what I was eating.

Vive’s program has made me a healthier, more confident woman. Being a mother of two, I had gained a lot of weight with pregnancies besides being one that always struggled with my weight. After losing this weight, I finally feel like I have a “hold” on things. I am more aware of what I eat and I have made exercise part of my daily routine. It is an amazing program and works incredibly if you stick to it.

Advice for others: Just do the best you can do. Don’t beat yourself up if you go off or “cheat” a little. If you have an event with lots of food and drinks, skip one of the shakes or bars. Do an extra 10 minutes of working out. Enjoy life and live.

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