Staying Healthy All Summer Long

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Healthy On The Inside

Summer is here and with it comes a variety of new obstacles to keep you from reaching your weight loss goals. Barbecues, pool parties, and vacations all have the potential to throw you off track. We want to help you stay motivated and focused towards reaching your goals. Here are some simple tips to help:

Always be prepared – Make your meals before you go anywhere and bring them with you (tip: check out our collection of Healthy Party Recipes).  On our meal replacement program? Pack your bars and shakes in a cooler and keep them out of the sun! If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t allow you to bring food – plan ahead. Most places have menus online (even amusement parks) so be sure to do some research and plan out what you are going to eat.

Plan activities that will get you moving. Find ways to work in a little extra physical activity this summer. Going to the pool? Do some laps. Going to the beach? Bring a football and have a catch or go for a long walk with your kids to collect shells. How about a barbecue with friends? Engage in some backyard games – even a little movement is better than just sitting around eating and drinking. Plus, it’s fun!

Limit your alcohol consumption.Many summer activities revolve around drinking but the calories can quickly add up! On top of that, lowered inhibitions may cause you to eat more than you would normally. If you must drink, choose a low carb light beer, dry red wine, or vodka with club soda (flavor with fresh lemon or lime juice). Make sure you drink a glass of water in between each drink to stay hydrated, which is especially important in the summer heat.

Stick to your exercise regimen!Try to plan your social events and activities around your workouts and not the other way around. Also, be smart and safe about your summer fitness. Outdoor activities such as running and cycling should be done early in the day before the temperature rises to extremes.  Keep hydrated and take breaks when needed. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Healthy On The Outside

Protect yourself from the sun this summer! Be sure to apply sunscreen every single day.  Even if you’re not sunbathing chances are you are outside at some point and exposed to the sun.  Think the sun’s harmful rays can’t harm you when you are in your car? Think again (Just Google “Truck Driver Sun Damage”).

We offer a variety of skin care products in our office for high quality sun protection, including antioxidant skin protection with Vitamins C & E and sunscreens from SPF 20 to SPF 50.  Feel free to ask for more details!

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