Wishing You Could Grow Longer Eyelashes? You Can with Latisse

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Almost every woman has at least one aspect of their physical appearance they are unhappy with. Some wish they could lose weight, have fuller lips or fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Others just wish they could grow longer lashes. If you’re one of those people with short, sparse lashes, it’s time to ditch the false eyelashes and multiple applications of mascara and talk to your doctor or medical aesthetician about Latisse. 

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a liquid solution that has been scientifically proven to help grow longer eyelashes. The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which was originally FDA approved for the treatment of glaucoma. Doctors treating the disease with eye drops containing bimatoprost noticed their patients’ lashes getting longer. As a result, Latisse was developed to promote eyelash growth and was approved by the FDA in 2008.

How Does Latisse Work?

Just like your hair, your eyelashes go through a three-phase cycle. These are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Experts aren’t 100% percent certain exactly why Latisse helps grow longer eyelashes. Current scientific data suggest that the solution increases the length of the anagen phase of the cycle, which is the growth phase. This results in longer, thicker, more prominent eyelashes. 

Is Latisse Effective?

Yes! FDA data shows that 78% of people using Latisse over a 16 week period saw an increase in eyelash growth. At week 16, they experienced a 25% increase in eyelash growth as well as an increase in thickness. Due to its effectiveness, Latisse is being prescribed to treat eyelashes hypotrichosis, a condition that causes inadequate growth of the eyelashes, as well as for cosmetic applications.

How is Latisse Applied?

Simple to use, Latisse is applied once a day using the sterile applicators included with the solution. You should always wash your hands and face before application. Latisse is intended for use in the evening and should be applied about an hour before bed, allowing it to dry completely. 

Can Mascara Be Worn While Using Latisse?

Yes, you can wear mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow as well as any other makeup you normally use. Just make sure to remove all makeup thoroughly before applying Latisse. If you are going out for the evening and want to apply Latisse before leaving the house, make sure your face and eyelids are completely clean. Apply Latisse at least 15 minutes before putting on any makeup.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

With a single daily application, you will typically begin to see an improvement in the length, thickness, and darkness of your eyelashes in about 2 months. Complete results are normally evident after three to four months of daily use. Using Latisse more than once a day will not accelerate these results.

Are the Results Permanent?

Continued use of Latisse in necessary to maintain eyelash growth. However, once you’ve reached the four-month mark and have achieved your desired results, you won’t need to use it every day. Some people switch to using it every other day and others only use it once or twice a week. Your doctor or medical aesthetician can help you decide which is best for you. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to their original length and thickness.

Grow Longer Eyelashes with Latisse

Want to have longer lashes for the holidays and the new year? Then now is the time to start using Latisse and get the long lashes you always wanted. Vive Aesthetics and Wellness is a proud provider of Latisse as well as many other aesthetic and weight loss products and services.

Whether you’re looking to grow longer eyelashes or are interested in any of our other aesthetic treatments, the expert staff at Vive can help you find the solution necessary to achieve your desired results. Our philosophy on aesthetics is to enhance one’s natural beauty and to refresh the soul. Let’s face it, we all want to look our best. At Vive, we can help you get there. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if Latisse is right for you.


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