Thoughts on the Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson

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The Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson, was criticized by the media and the general public for losing too much weight a few months ago in the season 15 finale of The Biggest Loser.  Starting at 260 lbs, she lost an incredible 155 lbs through a strict diet and hour long workouts.  Being a physician who specializes in weight loss I was asked by friends, colleagues, and patients if she went too far and if this was healthy for her.  My answer was that she was in a contest and she wanted to win…and finale weight of 105 lbs was a bit low for her height, but she was definitely going to gain some weight back (which she did) and her final weight would most likely be perfect (which it is).

The goal of that show is to show you the extreme weight loss achieved with strict diet and exercise, not the typical weight loss achieved by an average adult doing this on their own.  It’s entertainment and we must not forget that.  Even reality TV is usually not all that real.   I think by looking at Rachel’s pictures  you will agree her final weight of 125 lbs is ideal, as she looks both healthy and nourished.  Good job Rachel! Sorry you had to deal with the over critical general public who are quick to pass judgement without thinking first.

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