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If you could burn fat and build muscle without ever having to step foot in a gym, would you do it? EMSculpt® is the world’s first only procedure that does just that! Other body contouring treatments only address fat and skin, but EMSculpt® improves the tone and shape of the stomach and buttocks without surgery or downtime and has even been dubbed the first non-surgical butt lift!

Introducing EMSculpt® - A Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatment

How does EMSculpt® Work?

EMSculpt® uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology that induces powerful muscle contractions in the abdomen and buttocks, not achievable through voluntary contractions. When exposed to strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body! The treatment itself feels like an intense workout, but one you can enjoy while laying down and relaxing.

Real People, Real Results

The first 10 patients to book an EMSculpt® procedure in January will receive $500 off!

Sculpt a NEW YOU with EMSculpt®!

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