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At Vive, we strive to ensure our patients have the best possible experience, and they seem to think we deliver. Hear what they have to say below:

  • Wendy started with our practice in November 2020, and she has slowly changed her lifestyle with her consistency and determination. With the help of Renee they have worked together over the few years and she no longer drinks her calories and does not go through a drive thru for meals. She writes things down and holds herself accountable, even when traveling for work nonstop! success_story-300x300

  • Lost 101 pounds in 32 weeks The day I walked into this office, I started a new life. I have Dr. Pinto and MADISON to thank for all their help and my wife for keeping me focused! I have no dislikes about this program. Advice for others: Stay focused, make smart decisions, listen to Dr. Pinto and follow his instructions; don’t allow yourself to get discouraged!

    Anonymous, 40 yr old male
  • Lost 80 lbs in 15 months! I first saw Dr. Pinto in April of 2011 after I saw an ad for the Center of Medical Weight Loss in the newspaper. Knowing I was extremely overweight, I thought I would make an appointment for a visit to check this program out and see if it was something I thought would work for me. My visit began with a questionnaire to fill out. I remember answering some of those questions thinking to myself, I am a heart attack waiting to happen. I was on blood pressure and thyroid medication, lipitor for my high cholesterol and nexium for acid reflux .As with any weight loss program I was a bit skeptical. When I stepped on the scale and it read 250 pounds, I was embarrassed, but the staff member was very professional.Then Dr. Pinto came in. I was quite nervous. Dr. Pinto went over my questionnaire with me, then went over the print out from being weighed. He explained how much of my body was made up of fat. Then he showed my the one pound glob of fat he has, I was so grossed out thinking my body was mostly made up of that. But the words Dr. Pinto said next, saved my life, he told me I was morbidly obese. No one had ever told me that before, I felt like I ran into a brick wall. Dr. Pinto explained how this weight loss program worked. I was all ears! I knew this was the only way for me to begin this big step. I decided to start the program, no looking back. I began with 4 replacement drinks and one bar a day. At the end of the first day, I couldn’t believe I did it and I wasn’t hungry. It was easy to follow. It is black and white, you couldn’t mess up. I lost 8 pounds my first weigh in and I felt great. Most of all, I was motivated to go on. After the first two weeks, I had to chaperone a Senior Trip to Disney World, I talked to Dr. Pinto about what plan of attack I should use. I took replacement drinks with me for breakfast and lunch and a bar for the end of the night. I ate salads with chicken and no dressing for dinner and drank a lot of water. I came home and weighed in and I was down 20+ pounds. I knew after that moment, I could change my life. I started walking a mile a day. Best part was now my clothes (size 20) were getting big. I was so motivated! My big hurdle was I herniated a disc in my neck. I couldn’t walk and needed surgery. When I went for my pre-op work up my blood pressure was normal and the Cardiologist said my heart and muscles looked good and what ever I was doing to lose weight keep in up. So, even after surgery, I was able to stay on the program with a few modifications. As soon as I was given clearance to exercise, I started walking again. I started with a mile, then each week pushed myself for more. That September, I went back to work 50 pounds lighter and was walking a brisk 3 mile walk daily. Dr. Pinto and his staff kept cheering me on. I felt great! Nine months into the program, I plateaued. I was extremely frustrated because I was doing everything right. Dr. Pinto kept encouraging me and we tried different strategies to get my weight loss moving again. The great thing was I never gain and learned a lot about eating the right food choices. With a modified program and a change in my exercise routine I got back on track. I actually started to run on a treadmill in the winter. Yes, run! I never thought I could do that. Come late spring early summer, the weight started to drop again. I now have lost 78 pounds. I am 2 pounds away from the goal I set in April of 2011. Dr. Pinto and this weight loss program have given me a new lease on life. A lifestyle of healthy eating and being fit. For the first time in my life, I know I have the confidence and tools to continue this. I now drink a replacement drink in the morning. I have a piece of fruit mid morning and a salad for lunch. I eat a bar in the mid afternoon. For dinner, I grill veggies and have chicken. I still would like to lose another 10 to 15 pounds. Dr. Pinto has moved his weight loss program to the Vive Center for Medical Weight Loss. His staff is friendly and professional. The new office is great!!

    Tracey D., 50 Year-Old Female
  • Lost 20 lbs in 3 months I found it very easy to follow, with lots of choices. Dr Pinto was very supportive and encouraging and helped me achieve my goal of not only losing weight, but getting off my blood pressure medication.

    Jackie R., 67 Yr Old Female.
  • Lost 27 lbs in 11 weeks Try it for a few weeks and you will feel like a new person. I am in the best shape I have been in for a long time (years!). Dr Pinto not only helped me lose weight but also provided the nutritional keys to keeping the weight off.

    Debbie, 48 Yr Old Female
  • Lost 24 lbs in 10 weeks I was able to lose weight without feeling hungry. The meal replacements taste very good and with being able to have a meal, it’s not hard to stay on the program.

    Joe D., 60 Yr Old Male
  • Lost 81 lbs in 9 months I have tried many weight loss programs and find this one to be the most successful and easiest to maintain. Dr Pinto’s advice and enthusiasm helped me stay focused.  Don’t keep telling yourself that you will start a program…Start now and you will feel so much better about yourself.

    Jeff S., 50 Yr Old Male
  • Lost over 125 pounds! I’ve been struggling with my weight for years but THANKS to Dr. Matthew Pinto and his weight loss program I’ve finally gotten my life back! I’ve lost over 120LBS and have been able to keep it off for almost a year now. Dr. Matthew Pinto’s program gave me the jump start I was looking for and needed to live a healthier life. Thank you for the encouragement, caring and always going that extra mile to help me achieve my goal. Thank you so much!

    Tony Luke Jr.
  • Dr. Pinto and his staff are kind, professional and compassionate and have given my husband and I our health back. With a combined weight loss of 80 lbs, my husband is no longer on prescription meds for diabetes and high blood pressure and I look and feel better than I have in years. With so much support and so many programs to offer, Dr. Pinto is sure to help you find the best weight loss program for you.

    Renee And Steve C., 41 Yr Old Female And 42 Yr Old Male
  • Lost 107 pounds in 15 months I never felt hungry and can do so much more physically. Advice for others: It’s well worth the money. Get the willpower and it will be easy. You can do it.

    Anonymous, 64 Yr Old Female
  • Lost 33 pounds in 5 months I like the variety of meal replacements, constant contact with Dr. Pinto and print-outs of my progress, and the convenient office hours. Before starting this program I was tired all the time and had no motivation to exercise. I had tried various diets without ever losing a pound. When I came to Dr Pinto I was ready for a ‘reset.’ After only a week on the program, I was already feeling more energetic. This led me to realize that my weight gain was more from bad food choices than from overeating. Through my time on this program, I have gained the energy that I was lacking and I have gained a healthier perspective on what foods I can and should eat. Transitioning to the partial meal replacement program allowed me to experiment with different types of meals that met the 550-calorie limit. As a result, I have started healthy habits like planning out low-calorie meals and making a shopping list so I don’t have to fall back on my old habit of ‘ordering-in’ my dinners. This program has allowed my long-lost healthy and active self to resurface. I am so thankful for Dr Pinto and this program for helping me become someone who can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a little motivation to live a healthier life! Advice for others: If you feel hungry, try adjusting your eating schedule instead of reaching for more “real food.” The

    Anonymous, 39 yr old female
  • Lost 65 pounds in 8 months I liked that I was still able to eat real food. It made me be more aware of what I was eating. Vive’s program has made me a healthier, more confident woman. Being a mother of two, I had gained a lot of weight with pregnancies besides being one that always struggled with my weight. After losing this weight, I finally feel like I have a “hold” on things. I am more aware of what I eat and I have made exercise part of my daily routine. It is an amazing program and works incredibly if you stick to it. Advice for others: Just do the best you can do. Don’t beat yourself up if you go off or “cheat” a little. If you have an event with lots of food and drinks, skip one of the shakes or bars. Do an extra 10 minutes of working out. Enjoy life and live.

    Jeanine G., 33 yr old female
  • Lost 41.5 pounds in 4 months I liked the simplicity of the meal program, the weekly weigh-ins for accountability, and the weekly consults with Dr. Pinto. I would highly recommended this weight loss program to others. Advice for others: Create a support system to help you through the beginning when it’s the hardest. Don’t look at this diet as a quick fix, but instead a jump start to healthier eating.

    Anonymous, 36 yr old female
  • Lost 41 pounds in 13 months! Vicki came to Vive to see Dr. Pinto for weight loss in March 2015. She weighed 195 lbs at the time and she was discouraged from her lack of success trying to lose weight on her own. Despite following a South Beach type diet and exercising excessively (over 7 hours per week!), her weight would not budge. She always felt hungry, was always tired and fatigued, and was losing motivation. In the past she ran marathons and never had to worry about her weight, but at 33 years old, things changed. After working with Dr. Pinto for the past year, Vicki finally reached her goal of 150 lbs. She has more energy, is rarely hungry, and feels in control of her weight. She was able to eat healthy, regular meals and never felt like she was on a “diet”. vicki-before-after

    Vicki 34 year old female
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