Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation With ThermiVa

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While the extent may vary by individual, childbirth and aging have typically had an undesirable effect on a women’s vaginal area. Many women develop vaginal laxity which can lead to a less-than-attractive appearance or discomfort during sex. Traditionally, most women didn’t even talk about it, not even with their physicians and, for those that did, the only option was surgery.  Today, we as a society have become more open about such issues. That, combined with advancements in medical technology, provides women with non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation.

Why ThermiVa? 

Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are followed by an uncomfortable and often painful recovery.  During that recovery period, it is common for women to experience swelling, bruising, and bleeding. While the initial swelling dissipates in about 6 weeks, a mild residual swelling can last up to six months. While most of it is internal, scarring can occur. 

Pain during recovery can vary. A labiaplasty usually results in localized pain and patients report experiencing a deep ache with a vaginoplasty. While all these symptoms are considered normal when recovering from vaginal rejuvenation surgery, why go under the knife if you don’t have to?

ThermiVa is the first non-surgical procedure for vaginal rejuvenation.  It offers women an alternative to going under the knife. It is a non-surgical procedure during which controlled, therapeutic heat is delivered to the treated areas via radio frequency. This promotes collagen, a protein that firms your skin and improves its elasticity. Childbirth and the natural aging process can diminish collagen. This deficiency can cause the skin to become lax and have a less youthful appearance. With the ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation procedure, the integrity of the skin is improved, causing the vulva and vaginal area to gently contract and tighten.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Some may be thinking  – this is not an area of the body that is on public display like your face, so why even consider vaginal rejuvenation? Looking good isn’t the only reason a woman considers getting a facelift. Yes, outwardly she will look better, younger to everyone. However, that facelift will help her feel better about herself on the inside and boost her confidence. 

ThermiVa provides benefits that can have the same effect but in a different way. There are various gynecological issues that can have a significant impact on a woman’s self-confidence and quality of life. 

Vaginal laxity – While this can be the result of natural aging, it is also a common complaint among women who have gone through childbirth. This can cause decreased sexual satisfaction and concern about the appearance of the vaginal area, making intimacy awkward and uncomfortable. For some women, this can result in them avoiding sexual relations completely.

Increased vaginal dryness – This is another issue experienced by women as they age or after childbirth. It is not only extremely uncomfortable during sexual relations but also just during everyday activities. This increased dryness can be accompanied by vaginal itching, burning, and irritation. In addition to the discomfort, these issues also make it easier for infections to occur.

Decreased bladder control – This can also be a result of both aging and childbirth. A decrease in bladder control can be a serious source of embarrassment that extends well beyond sexual relations. It can cause a woman to avoid social situations in her personal and professional life, potentially damaging relationships in both areas.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation may be the perfect solution. 

Is ThermiVa Non- Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Right for You?

In addition to helping alleviate these issues which many women experience, ThermiVa offers other benefits as well. First and probably one of the most important for many women, there is no surgery. ThermiVa is a non-invasive, non-ablative procedure that is done right in the doctor’s office. It requires no anesthesia, there are no hormones to take and the wand used during the procedure is designed for comfort. ThermiVa provides vaginal rejuvenation while allowing you to avoid going under the knife for vaginoplasty or labiaplasty.

You may be a good candidate if you are generally in good health and are not pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Ready to find out if ThermiVa is right for you? Let’s talk about it. Vive Aesthetics and Wellness is proud to offer ThermiVa along with their already extensive line of aesthetic services. If you’re experiencing any of the issues we’ve mentioned and think non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation could provide relief or simply want to improve vaginal appearance, schedule a consultation today.

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