Vaginal Rejuvenation with THERMIva

What is ThermiVa and why would I need it?

Everyone should talk about it, but not many do…Vaginal health is a topic that is too often overlooked or ignored, yet can create such a negative impact on your life.  Do you feel “loose” vaginally since childbirth and/or menopause? Do you feel dry during intercourse or have trouble reaching orgasm? Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you sneeze, cough, or exercise? Have you ever “not quite made it” to the bathroom on time? Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes? Are you experiencing loss of self-confidence? Loss of interest in sex? Loss of desire?

Please, come talk to us. We can help. Our providers personally know the struggle you are having. We can talk honestly and openly with you and offer you a solution.

What does ThermiVa do and how does it work?

Skin, as well as vaginal tissue, experiences collagen degeneration with age and with vaginal childbirth.  THERMIva is a non-surgical procedure that has no associated downtime that can rejuvenate your internal and external vagina by stimulating collagen regeneration.  The result is tighter skin and vaginal tissue, which can improve not only appearance, comfort, incontinence, but also sexual function.  What this means for women who have had children through vaginal delivery or for women who have just noticed a change over time with age, there is a non-surgical, safe, effective FDA approved way to address these issues.


Research Proven Results

THERMIva’s RF therapy was proven to correct and restore the optimal structure of the vagina and surrounding tissue.

Benefits include:

  • Increased vaginal tightness with 67% of patients reporting improvement at 1 month and 87% reporting improvement at 6 months
  • Improved sexual function
  • Reduced sexual distress
  • Improved sexual satisfaction with 100% of patients reporting sustained improvements at 6 months
  • Improved symptoms of orgasmic dysfunction
    • 92% of all women and 100% of anorgasmic women experienced orgasm after treatment

What to expect

At Vive, we have an expert staff that is thoroughly trained in THERMIva.  While our entire medical staff is trained, our female providers will be doing your consultation and performing the procedure. All patients will be required to have a current (within 12 months)  pelvic exam done by their ob/gyn prior to treatment.

The actual procedure is similar to a pelvic exam. Once the area is lubricated with a cool gel, the THERMIva disposable electrode will be gently inserted into the vagina treating the internal tissue. There is a warm sensation, but because the electrode was designed for comfort, and is only 0.5 inches wide, there is no pressure or pain. The external tissue will then be treated by placing the electrode on the external vagina. After a total of about 30 minutes the entire procedure is completed and you can return to normal activities. We recommend 3 treatments spaced one month apart for optimal results, although some women notice improvement after 1 treatment.

To review Pre & Post Care Instructions click here

What Patients are Saying

“As you get older, women’s bodies change and just don’t work the same, and it’s like THERMIva brings back that youth you had. I’m very pleased with it – my husband’s very pleased with it”

“I feel very confident. I love it, it was great! THERMIva was really the best decision.”

“After my three children I just knew something was different. Sex just didn’t feel the same despite a strong desire and interest. After my THERMIva treatment, sex not only felt like before I had children, but even better.”

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