5 tips for Staying Jolly on a Diet this Holiday Season

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It seems the holidays always provide that gift that keeps on giving, with unwelcoming weight gain. The whole month of December is usually the dedicated month to avoiding the weight scale. This year is different, as you are going to stick to the diet and exercise plan given by your medical weight loss center physician. With these tips, you will feel free to enjoy the holiday season and festivities.

Tip 1: Eating Before the Event

When it seems like everyone you know is hosting a holiday party, and invitations keep coming in; you can already picture the delicious hors d’oeuvres selection. Those snacks are the enemy here, and you will not want to give in to the temptations. For any occasion that you anticipate foods that will hurt your diet plan, it will be helpful to eat the approved meals on the plan before the event. The feeling of hunger will be satisfied as well as your diet staying tact.

A better option would be to bring a dish to the party. It can prove to be a great ice-breaker with other guests as they offer compliments on the dish you have prepared. This provides others that may be struggling with their diet during this holiday season, a healthier option.

Tip 2: Watch You Drink

Alcohol is perfect for celebrations, and the holiday season is a perfect reason to celebrate the gathering of family and friends. Beware of the amount of alcohol you consume, not just to prevent making a fool of yourself on the dance floor; but beware of the amount of empty calories in each drink. A single holiday-themed mixed drink can be high with the amount sugar and empty calories. These empty calories provide no nutritional value to our diets, so it is recommended to skip the alcohol.

Look to remain hydrated with water instead of alcohol. Water may have no taste, but it fills our body. When our body feels full, desires to start snacking away begins to diminish. Remember to bring a bottle of water with you when you are attending holiday festivities.

Tip 3: Form a Buddy-System

Your physician can be your buddy at the medical weight loss center but what happens when you leave? You don’t have to face this challenge alone, establish a buddy system with someone who envisions a similar diet goal. Together, this buddy system can beneficial for both. Bring each other along to holiday parties to ensure no one cheats on their diet. It will be easier to remain focused on the goals when you aren’t facing the challenge alone.

Tip 4: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

You are constantly being exposed to holiday treats throughout the season, and all of these “just one wouldn’t hurt” approaches are collectively damaging your diet. In order to stay on plan, you should increase your normal amount of exercise. It may be too cold out for outside activities, and it may be time to consider a gym membership or start exercising in your home.

Tip 5: Be Smart

Your diet does not have to be fully dedicated to the veggie trays. Be smart if you choose to indulge in holiday sweets. As long as any harmful consumption to your diet plan is taken with caution and the right amount of exercise is dedicated; you should be able to enjoy your holiday season.

Stay strong with your diet this holiday season with our comprehensive weight loss program here at Vive. We have plenty of options to choose from, and together we will determine which option is perfect for you.

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