Maintaining Weight Loss

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scaleThe hardest part of losing weight is not dropping pounds. The real challenge, according to research, starts after you reach your goal weight. A report published by The Obesity Society found maintaining weight loss is one of the most difficult challenges in keeping weight off long term. But with a few tips, you can break through this roadblock and keep weight off for good!

Weight loss isn’t one size fits all. 

A weight loss plan that works for your friend, family member, or co-worker may not produce the same results with you. Why? We have a different genetics, behavioral habits, and motivators. If your friend lost weight by eating grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner every day, and you don’t enjoy the taste of grilled chicken and broccoli, then that plan wouldn’t work for you. The Obesity Society emphasizes the importance of a personalized plan to achieve the greatest success.

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

 I don’t like the word “diet” because it implies there is an end point. To keep weight off for good, you have to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You don’t monitor portion sizes for a few months; you measure them for a lifetime. Over time, you may not need to use a food scale or a measuring cup, but you will be able to eyeball an appropriate portion.

Fitness is fun.

 You may not be the person that gets excited to hit the gym, and you don’t have to be. But studies show physical activity is an important component to maintain weight loss. Find an activity you enjoy, and stick with it. This can include walking your dog, taking a nightly stroll around the block with your friend, bike riding, or even gardening. The feel-good endorphins are addicting, so you won’t want to skip your workout once you find something you love.

Use technology to measure success. 

Today, we are surrounded by multiple technologies that can measure your weight loss progress. You can post your progress to your Facebook page, keep an online food diary, or monitor your movements with a smart watch. The constant reminder to stay on track keeps your goals front of mind. With CMWL’s Virtual Care Centeryou can track your progress with various tools and charts and receive personalized weight loss tips.

Reward yourself without food. 

It’s become the norm to reward yourself with food when you reach a milestone—a work promotion, birthday celebration, etc. The problem is this reward comes with health costs, especially if you’re rewarding yourself too often. Instead, save up for a weekend getaway, treat yourself to a massage, or see your favorite band in concert. These types of rewards are not only healthier, but they are also more fulfilling.

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