CoolSculpting NJ: A New Year’s Resolution Revolution

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Have you been afraid of the scale after this holiday season? Have you considered an innovative fat reducing method like CoolSculpting? For those who have always fallen short on your New Year’s resolutions, this technology is worth your consideration. CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, safe, and effective process to reduce fat. Are you ready to revolt against your stubborn fat this year?

Innovative Technique

While the chilly temperatures of the winter months are freezing away at the frozen tundra, CoolSculpting will be freezing away your stubborn fat through innovative technology. Yes you read that correctly. No incisions are required with this technological revolution to fat reduction, as CoolSculpting will freeze away the fat particles in the targeted area. Once the fat pockets have been frozen, the body will naturally disperse frozen fat over time.

Only Targets the Fat

A frequently asked question is “Will CoolSculpting harm any of the tissue around the fat?” The answer is simple; unlike other tissues or organs in the body, fat particles are sensitive to the cold. CoolSculpting finds the correct temperature for your body that will eliminate fat while leaving all other surrounding cells unharmed. When the body naturally reduces the fat, you are left with a tighter and more-toned body as result.

No Surgery Required

Unlike other fat reducing methods, CoolSculpting NJ does not require needles, surgery, or downtime. No incisions to the body are made in the process. In most sessions, patients typically read a book, browse their tablet, or simply relax. Wouldn’t you love the double benefit of reducing your stubborn fat while you caught up on your reading or rest?

Cost Friendly

For those asking how much does CoolSculpting cost, most centers will charge patients by session. This is ideal for new time patients that are unsure if CoolSculpting is right for them. Obviously, multiple sessions will maximize the benefits of fat reduction. Keep an eye for specials from a CoolSculpting NJ Center to see if you can score a deal.

Introducing the CoolSculpting Mini

Have you considered CoolSculpting before, but the stubborn fat you wished to eliminate could not accessible? Well a new FDA approved CoolSculpting applicator, the Mini, allows those tough to reach places to become accessible. The Mini is most effective for dreaded neck fat or chin fat. Say goodbye to that double-chin this year, in as little as 1 to 2 treatments.

Let’s Talk CoolSculpting Results

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the method of CoolSculpting. Most patients are pleased after one session, but will enroll in a treatment plan to prolong their results. After the first treatment you may start to notice changes to your body as quickly as 3 weeks, but the most defined results occur between 1 and 3 months. A single session is still flushing out fat cells 4 to 6 later as well. However, CoolSculpting is not a permanent solution to fat reduction. As long as you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle after treatments, long term results remain sustainable.

Start Your Revolution Today

At Vive, we are South Jersey’s leading CoolSculpting center. Having done over 1000 cycles of CoolSculpting, we only have certified technicians to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Finish your treatment in half the time with our two machine process. We’ve utilized the CoolSculpting Mini on our patients since October to treat those hard to reach places that weren’t accessible with previous applicators. You may have thought liposuction was the only way to get rid of your spare tire, love handles, or muffin top, but you were wrong.

Call us today to set up your free consultation. We’ll see if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting NJand work with you to develop a treatment plan and start the New Year on the right track!

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