Skip New Year’s Resolutions – Set Yourself Up for Successful Weight Loss

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The new year is almost here and many of us are already contemplating our New Year’s resolutions. According to a survey of 2018 resolutions, losing weight was one of the most popular resolutions and more than likely, it will be again in 2019. Some people may find themselves making the same resolution to lose weight year after year. Want to get yourself on the path to successful weight loss this year? Focus on getting healthy instead of just losing weight.

Avoid Fad Diets

This time of year we are barraged with ads and infomercials about the latest diet craze. They’re typically very convincing, making us believe that there really is a quick and easy weight loss solution. With fad diets, you may initially lose a little bit of weight. Because most are based on deprivation, they can be tough to stick with and don’t work well for long-term weight loss. They are also often unhealthy. By depriving yourself of a balanced diet, you miss out on vital nutrients you need to stay healthy. People often just give up and many gain the weight back.

Make Lifestyle Changes

When trying to achieve your weight loss goal, you need to make lifestyle changes that go beyond just dieting. Yes, you will have to be mindful of what you eat but the are other changes you can make that will help you be healthier and lose weight.

Instead of sinking into the couch and watching a movie, go for a walk, even in the winter. The weather may be cold but as long as it’s clear, bundle up and take a walk around the block. If the cold weather is more than you can handle, tackle a project around the house you’ve been putting off like organizing your closet. You may even want to consider joining the local gym and getting on the treadmill a few times a week. You will have to decide what works for you, but trading in unhealthy habits for healthy ones will help you achieve and sustain your weight loss.

Set Attainable Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is only setting yourself up for failure. If you want to lose 50 pounds, don’t set that as your one and only goal. You may easily become overwhelmed and consider giving up. Make your initial goal to lose 5 pounds. Once you’ve lost the five pounds, set a new goal to lose another 5 pounds. Each success will provide the confidence and encouragement to strive for the next goal. Keep this up until you reach your ultimate goal.

Get Support

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Seek support from friends and family. Make that after dinner walk around the block a family affair. Get a book with healthy recipes and let everyone in the family pick one they think might like. Having healthy meals everyone can enjoy will make dieting much less intimidating. Try finding a workout buddy to make the workout more enjoyable.

Medical Weight Loss

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seem to be working or if you struggle with obesity, it might be time to consider medical weight loss. Medically supervised weight loss programs are designed to create long-lasting results by teaching you life-changing skills that can help you maintain your weight once you reach your goal.

At Vive Aesthetics and Wellness, your journey will begin with your consultation.
Vive is proud partners with The Center for Medical Weight Loss, the largest network of physicians specializing in weight loss in the country. Using evidence-based weight loss programs, your success is inevitable. Forget that weight loss resolution. Contact us today to get started on a weight loss plan designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle!


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