Medical Weight Loss and the Health Impacts of Obesity

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Food is a big part of holiday season celebrations. It leaves many of us a few pounds over weight, struggling to get into our favorite jeans and anticipating a diet or exercise in the New Year. For those who suffer from obesity, the holiday season can be treacherous. The temptation to overindulge for people who are already carrying around a significant amount of excess weight can result in a variety of health issues. Many of these issues can become life-threatening if the weight problem is not addressed. But losing weight, especially large amounts, isn’t easy. Obesity is no longer considered a cosmetic issue that is caused by overeating and a lack of self-control. It is medically recognized as a disease.  If your weight is out of control and you’ve tried unsuccessfully to lose it on your own, it might be time to consider consulting a medical weight-loss doctor.

Increased Health Risks

Those who are significantly overweight or obese face a much greater risk of serious health issues. These issues include the nation’s leading causes of death—heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers—as well as less common ailments such as gout and gallstones. Obesity can also impact the health of your joints and limit your mobility. Sleep apnea and impaired breathing can also be the result of obesity, causing a lack of sleep. This not only compounds other health issues but causes the body to produce certain hormones that both stimulate appetite and increase the uptake of fat into fat storage deposits.

Obesity not only causes physical health issues, it has been established that there is a strong link between the disease and depression. The stigma attached to the disease and the physical discomfort of obesity can lead to depression which in some cases can lead to even more excessive eating.

The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Consulting with a medical weight loss doctor is a great first step in overcoming obesity. They are trained to treat the disease while monitoring any other health issues you have. They will tailor a weight loss plan to your specific condition.

With a medically supervised program, you have a certified medical professional evaluate your current physical condition, the typical food choices you make each day and your activity level. Your doctor will then create a custom plan and help you find ways to stick to it. This can prevent you from trying potentially dangerous fad diets, over the counter ‘“miracle” diet supplements or setting unrealistic weight loss goals. Fad diets may produce some results but can deprive you of vital nutrition. They also are almost impossible to stick with for the long haul. Over the counter supplements usually fail to produce any significant results and can contain ingredients you could be allergic to or that will not interact well with other medications you’re taking. When it comes to weight loss goals, setting the bar too high can mean setting yourself up for failure. Failure can cause many people to give up. Realistic goals and gradual weight loss will help avoid failure and are a much healthier path to achieving your goal.

Many of the medical issues associated with obesity will change in their level of severity as you lose weight and your medications may need to be adjusted. For example, if you have diabetes as a result of obesity, as your weight decreases the amount of insulin necessary to regulate your blood sugar may decrease as well. Your medical weight loss doctor will be able to monitor any other medical conditions you have or medications you take.

Medical Weight Loss at Vive

Did you know that losing just 10% of your body weight can decrease your risk of heart attack or stroke, potentially reverse of Type 2 diabetes and reduce joint pain? It can also improve your sleep quality, energy level, and mobility.

At Vive Medical Weight Loss, your journey will begin with your consultation. Dr. Pinto’s philosophy is to give you the jumpstart you need to achieve and then maintain a healthy weight.

Vive is proud partners with THE CENTER FOR MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS, the largest network of physicians specializing in weight loss in the country. Using evidence-based weight loss programs, your success is inevitable. Ready to get started on your medical weight loss program? Schedule your consultation today!


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