Vicki 34 year old female

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Lost 41 pounds in 13 months!

Vicki came to Vive to see Dr. Pinto for weight loss in March 2015. She weighed 195 lbs at the time and she was discouraged from her lack of success trying to lose weight on her own. Despite following a South Beach type diet and exercising excessively (over 7 hours per week!), her weight would not budge. She always felt hungry, was always tired and fatigued, and was losing motivation.

In the past she ran marathons and never had to worry about her weight, but at 33 years old, things changed.

After working with Dr. Pinto for the past year, Vicki finally reached her goal of 150 lbs. She has more energy, is rarely hungry, and feels in control of her weight. She was able to eat healthy, regular meals and never felt like she was on a “diet”.










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