Tattoo Regret – Get Over It with PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

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While the percentage of people who regret getting a tattoo varies depending on the study referenced and the age and gender of those surveyed, the truth is, tattoo regret is real. The reasons for tattoo regret vary from person to person, but the end result is just the same – an unwanted tattoo. The best way to avoid this is to not get a tattoo in the first place. However, if you’re determined to get inked, it can help to understand some of the reasons others regret getting a tattoo.

Your Tastes Change

This is one of the more common reasons for tattoo regret, especially if the person got the tattoo when they were young. Our tastes change over the years. Although you may have loved the tattoo design when you got it, it may not reflect who you are today. It is important to think about how you may feel about your tattoo in the future. If you’re not certain you’ll still appreciate it just as much 10 or 20 year’s from now, you may want to reconsider your choice. 

Your Relationship Ends

This is another source of tattoo regret that can be particularly difficult. Although we enter a relationship with the intention of making it last forever, it doesn’t always work out that way. Having your ex’s name permanently displayed on your body can be a hindrance when trying to move on with your life. Not only is it a painful reminder for you, but it can also serve as a constant reminder of your past for your partner when starting a new relationship.  

Poor Workmanship

This can often happen with a first tattoo. It may have been an impulsive decision or maybe you just didn’t do enough research before choosing a tattoo artist. The result is an inferior quality tattoo with inconsistent lines and poor coloring. In addition to the quality of a tattoo, its placement is also important. If you want it displayed, you’ll want to make sure your clothing won’t interfere with showing it off. It should be completely visible or completely covered by your clothing. Avoid getting a tattoo where it will consistently be cut in half visually. 

Personal Perception

Although tattoos have become more mainstream in recent years, they are still sometimes frowned upon by prospective employers. Depending on what industry you plan to enter or aspire to advance in, you may want to think twice before getting inked. If you want to put your best foot forward at work but still want a tattoo, place it where it won’t be seen when wearing your work clothes.

Permanent Doesn’t Mean Forever

These are just some of the reasons people experience tattoo regret. Despite what your friends and family may have told you, a tattoo doesn’t have to last forever. Picosure laser tattoo removal is the best way to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Although laser tattoo removal has been around for a couple of decades, Picosure laser technology has taken it to the next level, replacing Q-Switched lasers as the gold standard in tattoo removal.

While every tattoo is unique and presents its own challenges, PicoSure offers a more effective tattoo removal process. It provides better results with fewer treatments. It can even be used on previously treated tattoos with positive results. It is also more effective on stubborn blue and green inks. The PicoSure process is less painful than that of the Q-Switched laser and provides a quicker recovery.

No More Tattoo Regret

Tired of trying to hide an unwanted tattoo? Picosure laser tattoo removal can have you looking forward to showing off some skin. At Vive Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics, our goal is to help you look your very best and ensure your experience with us is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. To learn more about our laser treatments or any of our many medical aesthetic services and discover which one is right for you, schedule a consultation today!


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