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It is hard to improve on a successful fat reduction treatment, but that is exactly what CoolSculptung Elite does. It is the latest and most advanced CoolSculpting technology. It is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective. The Elite is more powerful and efficient than ever before. If you’re searching for CoolSculpting Elite near me, you may be looking for an explanation as to what makes the Elite different from the original CoolSculpting treatments.

What Makes CoolSculpting Elite Better? 

We get it. If you’ve received traditional CoolSculpting treatments, this is a valid question. Even if you haven’t already experienced CoolSculpting, understanding the advances in fat reduction treatments the Elite has achieved may encourage you to try it.

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest CoolSculpting device that offers several advances over the older CoolSculpting devices. CoolSculpting Elite makes contact with the skin before applying the CoolSculpting treatment, which helps to protect the skin from cold fat freezing temperatures. This also allows for more effective treatments as the Elite can specifically target the fat cells in the treatment areas. 

In addition, CoolSculpting Elite has a built-in vacuum that helps pull the skin and fat into the CoolSculpting applicator, which results in a more efficient CoolSculpting treatment. The built-in vacuum also helps to reduce post-treatment bruising and swelling.

What Do These Advances Mean for You?

If you are considering CoolSculpting fat reduction treatments, you should start by searching for  CoolSculpting Elite near me to fully understand the advances and how they can improve your experience.

More Treatment Areas – CoolSculpting Elite has been FDA-cleared and clinically proven to treat nine different areas of the body: under the jawline, under the chin, upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flank area (love handles), abdomen, thighs and under the buttocks (banana roll). That is more than any other fat reduction treatment.

More Effective Cooling – CoolSculpting Elite has advanced cooling technology that allows for increased skin contact and cooling, making the procedure more comfortable and efficient. This cooling technology also cools the fat cells faster, resulting in a shorter procedure time.

Larger Cooling Plates – The Elite has larger cooling plates allowing more fat to be treated in a single session making for a more efficient and effective treatment.

More Precise Temperature Control -.CoolSculpting Elite’s advanced cooling system allows for more precise temperature control. Customizable cooling settings tailor the procedure to your specific needs, making it more comfortable and effective.

Dual Applicators – The Elite has two applicators making it possible to treat two areas at once. That’s two treatments in just one visit!

All these advances allow the Elite to provide faster treatment times and quicker results.

Is CoolSculpting Elite Right for You? 

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction that uses cryolipolysis to freeze and eliminate stubborn fat cells from your body. CoolSculpting results are long-term, meaning once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. However, a sensible diet and exercise are necessary to prevent the remaining fat cells from enlarging.

If you are frustrated by stubborn pockets of fat and are within 10 to 20 pounds of your ideal weight, the Elite could be the perfect solution. Although it is not designed for significant weight loss, it can be used to jumpstart your weight loss journey. If you’ve reached your ideal weight, CoolSculpting can help you put the finishing touches on your hard work.

Searching for CoolSculpting Elite Near Me? Vive has It!

If you are looking for CoolSculpting Elite, look no further! Vive Aesthetics and Wellness is proud to offer Elite treatments at our state-of-the-art facility. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Contact us and schedule your consultation today!



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