Anonymous, 39 yr old female

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Lost 33 pounds in 5 months

I like the variety of meal replacements, constant contact with Dr. Pinto and print-outs of my progress, and the convenient office hours.

Before starting this program I was tired all the time and had no motivation to exercise. I had tried various diets without ever losing a pound. When I came to Dr Pinto I was ready for a ‘reset.’ After only a week on the program, I was already feeling more energetic. This led me to realize that my weight gain was more from bad food choices than from overeating. Through my time on this program, I have gained the energy that I was lacking and I have gained a healthier perspective on what foods I can and should eat. Transitioning to the partial meal replacement program allowed me to experiment with different types of meals that met the 550-calorie limit. As a result, I have started healthy habits like planning out low-calorie meals and making a shopping list so I don’t have to fall back on my old habit of ‘ordering-in’ my dinners. This program has allowed my long-lost healthy and active self to resurface. I am so thankful for Dr Pinto and this program for helping me become someone who can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a little motivation to live a healthier life!

Advice for others: If you feel hungry, try adjusting your eating schedule instead of reaching for more “real food.” The meal replacements provide all of your nutrition and your body really will adjust to the reduced calories.

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