What is Qsymia® (phentermine and topiramate extended-release) ?

Qsymia® is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that may help some obese adults or some overweight adults who also have weight-related medical problems lose weight and keep the weight off. Qsymia should be used with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Dr. Pinto is one of the only local doctors to have specialized training with Qsymia, the newest medication used for weight loss.  For the past six years he’s had many success stories using this groundbreaking medication, and with improved insurance coverage of the drug and more a more aggressive savings program from the manufacturer, Vivus Pharmaceuticals, more patients have access to the medication. The latest data from Qsymia shows for some patients it is four times as effective as diet and exercise alone.

Dr. Pinto has been a national speaker for Qsymia, educating doctors across the country about its usefulness in helping patients safely lose weight. There are no other local physicians with more experience with using Qsymia, so why not see the expert.

With hundreds of his own patients on Qsymia, he has seen first hand the effectiveness of reducing appetite and cravings with minimum side effects. Combined with other weight loss modalities, it can produce amazing results. Getting that jump-start on weight loss can be the difference between reaching your goal or giving up.

While medication is a great step i n the battle to lose weight, just taking a medication might not be enough. While your primary care doctor may be able to prescribe Qsymia, its is unlikely that they will be able to provide the other important pieces of the weight loss puzzle. At Vive Medical Weight Loss, that is what we do, every day.  Seeing a weight loss professional, like Dr. Pinto, gives you the best chance to succeed.

How do I get a prescription ?

To see if you qualify for Qsymia and if it is an option for you, please call our office and setup a no obligation consultation.

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